From Circle Of The Crone


The Circle has ever been an adaptive, take-advantage-of-the-situation Covenant. Thus it should come as no surprise that the covenant as a whole has been using the noncommital repuation of the chorus to its advantage for several decades by insinuating low-profile neonates and fledglings among the Sanctified and the Dragons.

The elders of the Circle want to know more about the internal workings of the competition. And the chorus appears to be the perfect way to accomplish this.

The amount of recruitment that goes on among the Unaligned makes it entirely possible for a coterie of chorus to get far enough inside either organization to be seen as members throughout its city. When the coterie backs out and immediately joins the Circle of the Crone, this is not a sign of crumbling faith among the Sanctified but, rather, a sign of the Circle's subtle power -- the chorus members never accepted the dogma of Longinus in the first place. And now the Circle knows what the Sanctified and the Dragons worry about, and it has members with knowledge of each Covenant's sacred and secret miracles.

Other times, chorus coteries are assigned to masquerade as fledgling missionaries for the Sanctified. These coteries are sent into contested or abandoned territories to ruin the reputation of the Lancea Sanctum before real missionaries can arrive. Once the local Kindred temperment is turned against the Sanctified, the Acolytes petition for these domains from the Prince, Regent, or Council of that area.

Known Former Infiltrators

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